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Dutch Masters Open

Click here to register for Dutch Masters Open 2018 (online link)

Provisional program





Saturday 19 May

08:30 – 09:30*

Official weigh-in/
control of documents

Sports Hall

Saturday 19 May

09:30 –10:15


Sports Hall

Saturday 19 May

09:45 – 10:15

Referee meeting

Sports Hall

Saturday 19 May

09:30 – 10:15


Sports Hall

Saturday 19 May

After draw and warm up

Start of competition

Sports Hall

Saturday 19 May

After competition



The organisation committee can adjust the program at its own discretion, depending on the number of participants. All subscribed participants will be informed if changes in the program are made.

Dutch Judo Federation
Address: Blokhoeve 5, 3438 LC Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)307 07 3640

Bank transfer details
Beneficiary’s Name:           Judo Bond Nederland
Bank Name:                     RABOBANK
IBAN:                              NL52RABO0381033937
Swift/BIC:                        RABONL2U
Add the mention:              DMO 2018

Competition place
The Dutch Masters Open 2018 will be held at Sportcampus Zuiderpark, Meester P. Droogleever Fortuynweg 22, Den Haag.

Eligible for participation
All the following conditions must be met in full for an individual to be considered eligible to participate in this Championship:
a) Participants must be born in 1988 or earlier (minimum 30 years old at 31-12-2018).
b) Hold a current and valid licence (membership) issued by a national federation, currently affiliated to the International Judo Federation. See IJF website for current members.
c) Register with the organizers (online or on site) and pay the appropriate entry fee in full.
d) Meet the specific weigh-in requirements as applicable.
e) Provide photographic proof of identity and date of birth using a valid current passport or a current National I.D. Card., to be shown at registration/weigh-in.
f) A competitor must not have represented any National Team in a competition at international senior level at any time in the twelve month period before the start date of this event i.e. between 19st May 2016 and 19st May 2018.
g) The exact nationality of competitors will be taken as that which is indicated in their current passport or current National I.D. Card.
h) All players must have obtained the minimum grade of first kyu.
Please note: Athletes from Paralympic competition of athletes with any kind of disability are not eligible to compete in this competition.

Competitors must have insurance for injury and third party cover (public liability) either held personally in the form of specific insurance cover or travel cover (and this cover must not exclude participation in competition judo) or as part of their National Federation insurance arrangements.

Neither the Dutch Judo Federation, its staff or servants nor the organizers of the Dutch Masters Open  its staff or servants shall be liable for any loss, injury or death due to a person’s participation in this championship.

It is recommended that all competitors should have had a recent medical check prior to participating in this championship.

Entry fee
In order to take part at the competition the competitor must have fulfilled the necessary payments to the organizer:

Payment by bank transfer before 7 May 2018: € 25 (for each participating competitor)

Payment after 7 May 2018 or payment on site: € 30 (for each participating competitor)

Withdrawals after 7 May 2018 do not qualify for a refund of the competition fee.

Click here to register for Dutch Masters Open 2018 (online link)

Visa request (supply details): 30 April 2018
Tournament entry & entry fee: 7 May 2018
Late entry & late entry fee: after 7 May 2018 / on site

Competition Rules
The competition will be carried with respect to the rules and sporting codes of the IJF. 

Age divisions
Players will be allocated an age division based on:
(a) a minimum of 30 years of age (born in 1988).
(b) their date of birth.

Combined age divisions
In principle there are three age divisions, with the two younger age divisions having a ten year age range.













Weight categories
Based upon experience we offer competition in the following weight categories:
Women: -57 kg / -63 kg / -70 kg / -78 kg / +78 kg
Men: -60 kg / -66 kg / -73 kg / -81 kg / -90 kg / -100 kg / +100 kg

Contest duration
The duration of each contest (for all age categories) will be 3 minutes. Golden Score without time limit.

Elimination system
All competitors will have a minimum of two matches. The system of the competition in each category will depend on number of entries:
3 entries                 round robin (pool)
4 entries                 round robin (pool)
5 entries                 round robin (pool)
6 entries                 two pools of three; top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of pool A fighting the runner-up from pool B and the winner of  pool B fighting the runner-up from pool A.
7 entries               a pool of four and a pool of three; top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of pool A fighting the runner-up from pool B and the winner of pool B fighting the runner-up from pool A.
8 entries and more   elimination system with double repechage

Category combining
The organising committee can combine a category with the next category if the number of participants in a category is not sufficient to make a good competition.

In principal category combining will be done using the following guideline (ranked in order of importance):
A) Combining within the same age division
B) Combining outside age division, but within weight category or deviation of one weight category
C) Combining complete age divisions (only if no other option remains)

The fighters:

  • Who present themselves after the closing of the weigh-in cannot participate at the competition
  • Must be able to present prove of their membership of an IJF affiliated association and an official piece of identity (identity card or passport) at the official weigh-in

Draw will be made directly after the completion of the official weigh-in of all categories concerned. 


  • Participants must wear either a white or blue judogi (blue judogi not mandatory). In case of white judogi, competitors must wear either a white or red belt. The first fighter has to wear the white judogi. Second fighter has to wear a red belt (in case of white judogi) or blue judogi.
  • The current IJF regulations regarding the judogi will apply. This includes that each participants judogi must meet the measurements of judogi as defined by the IJF.
  • Female contestants shall wear under the jacket either, a round necked plain white or off-white tee shirt, with short sleeves, made of non-rigid material, long enough to be worn inside the trousers, or a plain white or off-white leotard with short sleeves. No marking should be visible when the judogi is done up. All other regulations must be adhered to. Make-up and jewellery are prohibited. The nails have to be cut short.

Back numbers/Name emblems
Back numbers are NOT mandatory during this competition.

The referees will be provided by the Dutch Judo Federation. All referees must have a license to referee at the level of national championships and will be supervised by the Dutch referee commission.

Referee meeting
A referee meeting is scheduled on Saturday 19 May in the sports hall.

Refereeing rules
The refereeing rules are the current IJF and EJU refereeing rules. There will be one referee on the mat, assisted by video referees and care-system.

Protest against the referees’ decisions will never be accepted. The referees act under supervision of the referee commission. If competitors or coaches wish to consult on a referee decision they will have to report to the referee commission and not the individual referee.

We welcome coaches to attend the competition. No extra fee is involved.

The coach is responsible for his own behaviour and his athlete’s conduct from entering the competition venue until leaving it, before and after each contest. The coach will remain seated on his chair throughout the contest.

Any coach who, in the opinion of the organising committee, does not behave in accordance with the spirit of this tournament, will no longer be able to coach his athlete. If this occurs, the organising committee may order the coach to leave the sports hall.

The organiser will not arrange any kind of transportation.

If you have any difficulties to get to your hotel or the venue, please do feel free to contact us for further assistance!

Competitors, who need VISA to enter the Netherlands, please send us as soon as possible (latest 30 April 2018) the list of participants with names, passport numbers, date of birth and function. 

Costs for express delivery (DHL etc.) are to be paid by the participating national federation or individual athlete in order to be eligible to compete in these championships.

Competitors are not obliged to stay in a specific hotel for these championships. Underneath you will find a list of hotels close to the venue, for your convenience. You will have to make your own arrangements with these hotels.

Best Western Plus Grand Winston ****
Generaal Eisenhowerplein 1, 2288 AE Rijswijk

Distance from Amsterdam Schiphol airport:        43 km
Distance from Rotterdam-The Hague airport:      16 km
Distance from sports hall:                               5 km

IBIS City Centre ***
Jan Hendrikstraat 10, 2512 GL Den Haag

Distance from Amsterdam Schiphol airport:        44 km
Distance from Rotterdam-The Hague airport:      23 km
Distance from sport hall:                                 5 km


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